The German Football Route NRW with its 15 cities presents all important sights and attractions in North Rhine-Westphalia and shows on the spot the – often surprising – reference points on the subject of football. This is unique in the world.

Embark on the search for clues in football history.

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Bicycle route

How do you combine football and cycling? You pin the ball on the luggage rack and roll to the football field – or visit cult sites of football in North Rhine-Westphalia along the German Football Route. On the ADFC four-star quality cycling route, cyclists experience the charms of different regions.

800 kilometers by bike across North Rhine-Westphalia, from the edge of the Eifel to the Hermannshöhen in the Teutoburg Forest – that sounds like a nice bike tour. But on the German Football Route (DFR) it gets a special kick. Because the adventure bike path leads not only to the many attractions of the federal state, but also to the places that wrote national and international football history. On the way you will learn all sorts of informative, profound and curios stories about the round leather. For example, how the football boots of world star Pele came to Versmold or where Helmut Rahn, the World Cup hero of 1954, worked in Essen and sat at the bar.

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Kick-off for the tour is in Aachen. From here you can head to points of interest that revolve around idols, cultural venues, tourist attractions and art. The route leads past large stadiums, such as in Cologne, Mönchengladbach, Dortmund or "Auf Schalke". But there are also less noticeable corners, such as the football pitch in Bergheim, where Lukas Podolski learned to score.

On the way you cross the regions of Rhineland, Lower Rhine and the Bergische Land, as well as the Ruhr, Münsterland and Ostwestfalen-Lippe into the Teutoburg Forest. Also, the landscape experience is not too short. But whether in the Hürtgenwald near Aachen or in the Ruhrauen, one thing is clear on this adventure bike path: There is football in it!


The route leads in an easterly direction from Aachen through the Eifel into the Rhein-Erft-Kreis to Cologne. The Rhine will be crossed in the cathedral city and it continues on the right bank of the Rhine to Leverkusen. Leaving the chemical factorys of Bayer behind, the path leads northwest into the left lower Rhine to Mönchengladbach and on to the velvet and silk city of Krefeld. Shortly before Dusseldorf it goes again across the Rhine, into the federal state capital and thus into the district of Mettmann. In the direction of Wuppertal, the clearly hilly landscape in the further course of the of the region, Bergisches Land, lives up to its name. The route leads south to Duisburg on the western edge of the Ruhr and crosses the area in zigzags through the cities of Oberhausen, Essen, Gelsenkirchen and Bochum to Dortmund. Long way before the Ruhrgebiet borders are crossed in northern direction, it becomes noticeably rural and moral. The flat, green Münsterland animates you to cycle and the number of cyclists in the city of Münster has increased significantly. Further east, the regional border is crossed to the Teutoburg Forest, which extends up to Bielefeld. At this point the German Football Route ends and a few kilometers further North Rhine-Westphalia too.

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You can assemble your individual bike route here via the Radrouten-Planner NRW! Please take notice of the manifold opportunities. Download your individual GPS tracks! The German Football Route NRW is marked with the yellow football wheel symbol.

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The functional Spiralo design fits the handlebar bag and accompanies you on the 825 km through NRW. The cycle hiking map on the scale 1: 75.000 is published in the BVA publishing house. 

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If you prefer to travel with your iPhone or iPad, you can access the current app, where the adventure bike path of the football route is also available offline. 

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Football as a recreational and competitive sport fascinates many – as well as men or women, young or old, fans of a particular club or enthusiastic spectators of national and international games. 

In Dortmund, not far from the legendary Borsigplatz, the first of a total of 70 signs of the German Football Route NRW was set up on Wednesday, 26.10.2016. The fact that the German Football Route, which leads from Aachen to Bielefeld, manages with a small number of signs, is due to the new concept developed by ADAC Westfalen e.V. and the German Football Route NRW e.V.

The special feature of this intelligent, up-to-date tourist signposting: The routing is app-based and also follows an already existing signposting to the particular football stadium. In addition to the navigation, the free app offers all important information about clubs, stadiums, football history sites and location information. 

The stadiums are – besides the German Football Museum in Dortmund and central location of the route – the anchor points of the German Football Route NRW and equipped with information boards. In this way football fans will receive brief information about each location. Via QR code and internet link you can get to the stories and even films about football and city history, which the app also offers. So simply a thoroughly perfect affair.

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