Here is football in it

North Rhine-Westphalia: Here is football in it

Football is more than just a sport for many people. It reflects – above all in North Rhine-Westphalia – the lifestyle of a large regio . We invite you to drive on the German Football Route NRW through the number one football country in Germany and experience NRW in all its scenic and urban diversity. You will get to know interesting stories about our national teams, learn a lot about football and have plenty of opportunities for games, fun and action.

Find out here what the Cologne Cathedral, the Wuppertal overhead railway or the World Heritage Site Coal Mine Zollverein have in common with the vast world of football.

At the same time you will encounter a wide variety of football places of worship, monuments, attractions and recreational facilities that will make for fun and entertaining stages.

The varied route makes the regional diversity of North Rhine-Westphalia in a unique breadth tangible. From the Eifel via the Lower Rhine, the Ruhr area and the Münsterland to the Teutoburg Forest, nature experiences are possible that will surprise you.

The holiday route of the "German football" opens up cultural sights such as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Aachen, Cologne and Essen or the Muenster Prinzipalmarkt and provides a completely new access to the tourist highlights in NRW. Our modern fairytale road crosses the path with world champions and those who want to become them, tells of twilight of the gods and great amusement, suffering and passion. The DFR shows connections that you have not even suspected. You will be amazed!

What could be better than 90 implosive football minutes?

The memory of it! On the football route we have arranged a few points of interest, including many well-known visiting and excursion destinations. And for all applies: Here is football in it!

There are unique experiences: You cycle across North Rhine-Westphalia, enjoy the main attractions of the federal state and touch all the legendary sites of national and international football events. A main anchor point is the German Football Museum in Dortmund with many memorabilia. How exciting and attractive football is, you can experience right here on the virtual tour of the German Football Museum.


The German Football Route NRW is reachable for you 

Business hours: Monday - Friday: 08.00 am - 4.30 pm 

Your contact: Laila Auerochs 

Tel.: +49 203 / 7172-2401 


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